Last Christmas (December 25th of 2016) the incredible and amazing singer George Michael passed away. I felt sad and wanted to do something, so came with the idea to organize a special tribute to this singer. I asked Stephan Geusebroek and his wife Louise Briet from the New Amsterdam Orchestra if they wanted to join me to make this happen. The director Mark Minkman from Paradiso offered us the beautiful venue to organize this.
The tribute night happened at Monday 16th of January 2017 in Paradiso with a lot of artists who all wanted to sing songs from George Michael, all in love of his person and beautiful music. Artists who performed this night; Trijntje Oosterhuis, Berget Lewis, Gustaph (Hercules & Love Affair), Do, Shirma Rouse, Rob de Nijs, Jett Rebel, Charly Luske, Jim Bakkum, Rico Green, Lo van Gorp, Roza Lozica and CB Milton.
The tickets of the concert were free, it was sold out in ten seconds. Paradiso made it happen that there was a live stream via the Facebook page and their Youtube page. So many George Michael fans could also enjoy this tribute night. I was the host of the evening.

Below you can watch the whole George Michael tribute.