In 2012 I was working at Paradiso and made a concept together with Marieke Samallo (Club Air), on a Monday in December 2011 at my kitchen table we made a rough first concept and that’s how Milkshake Festival was born. We went to the directors of Paradiso and Air if they wanted to take the risk to make this happen. From the day we announced the first edition of Milkshake was really gonna happen in the summer of 2012, the LGBT community felt it was time for an openminded festival like this and we sold out with 12.000 people on Sunday 22nd of July in Westerpark (Amsterdam). The 2nd edition a year later was sold out as well with 16.000 people.
I quit in 2014, Milkshake Festival is still a huge success and even became a weekender with two days every summer in Westerpark.

Milkshake Festival aftermovie 2012

Milkshake Festival aftermovie 2013